Real Estate

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

A customized suite of Needle Movers products can help any real estate professional build his or her business beyond expectations. 

Managing buyer and seller data quickly and easily while on the go, as well as attracting the mobile consumer, has become more and more critical in closing the sale. Thanks to Needle Movers mobile technology, keeping up with the pace of the real estate marketplace is just a click away!

  • Use a Needle Movers QR Code, Short URL and/or SMS Text Code on all of your sales materials, from the real estate or rental sign in front of the property to detailed informational brochures and your own business card.
  • Mobile customers can scan, click or text to access your Needle Movers-hosted marketing platform from anywhere and everywhere you choose.
  • Use the Needle Movers Lead Generation platform to instantly customize client contact information, with all data available in real time via a client portal.
  • Once the customer has provided his or her information, use Needle Movers Customized Response Emails to send property information, rental or homeownership information, or the call to action of your choosing via a fully automated platform!

With Needle Movers mobile technology, your marketing, customer service and lead generation programs are taken care of so you can spend your time making the sale.

  • Once the house is sold, home inspectors and appraisers can utilize Needle Movers Mobile Marketing Survey to digitally enter necessary home data into the company’s database directly from his or her mobile device.
  • If a signature is needed, customize Needle Movers Lead Generation platform with finger-signing technology to fit your needs. No more paper, printing or data entry following inspection, with all information accessible in real time!

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