The PC is Dying: Invest in Mobile Consumer Engagement

Mobile consumer engagement makes sense. It is flexible: digital forms can be easily customized and consumers can be reached anytime, anywhere. Mobile technology is automated: no longer is a "processing period" an impediment to closing a sale or reaching a consumer. Data is available instantly, and smart marketers and sales teams ensure that leads stay warm. Mobile technology is easy: consumers can click, scan or text to reach digital forms, and, once they do, field options like radio buttons and drop downs make submitting feedback fast and effortless.

Now, if these compelling facts don't push marketers into the loving arms of mobile consumer engagement, maybe this will; a recent article in Forbes has declared that "The PC is Dying, The Only Question is How Fast". As consumers begin to move away from personal computers and their lives become even more entrenched in their tablets and Smartphones, communication and engagement outside of these platforms will soon be as obsolete as the clunker on your desktop. 

Enjoy the Forbes article, and take to heart the sage advice of Matt Galligan of SimpleGeo: "In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything."
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