The New Land of Marketing Opportunity is in the Sky

The two most popular travel days of the entire year are happening this week (Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and the Sunday thereafter). This year airlines expect 25 million fliers to make their way home for the holiday. What is unique to 2013, however, is that less than a month ago, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revised previous in-flight electronic regulations, and is now permitting all 25 million of these fliers to use their smartphones, tablets and similar small electronic devices from take off to landing. Only a few caveats remain, including that devices must be stored in the back pocket of the seat during actual takeoff and landing, and cell phones need to be in airplane mode or cellular service disabled. In addition, cell phones cannot be used for voice communications.

For mobile marketers, this can be a huge area of opportunity. With uninterrupted access to mobile devices, passengers represent a captive mobile audience. Creating mobile-optimized landing pages, survey forms, or any other customized data capture or engagement platforms applicable to the traveler provides marketers a prime arena in which to communicate with consumers. From last minute hotel or rental car deals to destination-city shopping or sight-seeing discounts, the possibilities are endless.

The discussion for marketers does not end with mobile consumer engagement alone; access to the internet while in flight is a critical component as well. Currently, the most popular in-flight internet provider is Gogo, which statistically shows that only about 6% of passengers actually pay for internet on an average flight. Although many businesses justify absorbing the cost of internet, the vast majority of people opt out. Now that the FAA has lifted restrictions and passengers can have a seamless mobile experience while traveling, will marketers begin to pay for passengers to access Wi-Fi on the plane?

Overall, when opportunity comes knocking, the most successful among us will be those who communicate with consumers in impactful, accessible and relevant ways. How will you take advantage of this whole new world of mobile airport marketing? Needle Movers can work with your team to answer just that. Please click here to contact our client services team and learn more!