Needle Movers Goes to Market Offering Uniquely-Developed, Customized Mobile Technology Tailored for Any Industry

Newly-launched technology provider, Needle Movers, offers customized, affordable mobile technology for consumer engagement, mobile marketing, lead generation and more. Needle Movers works with businesses to customize its technology tools to drive results within the framework of each client’s specific industry.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – October 15, 2013 – Needle Movers, a mobile marketing and consumer engagement technology company, officially announces its launch today. Needle Movers specializes in offering uniquely-developed, effective and customized mobile technology solutions that are easily tailored to drive results for companies operating in any industry.

From lead generation, mobile marketing and attendee check-in platforms to real-time data interfaces for immediate follow-up, monitoring, and customized reporting, Needle Movers works directly with businesses to modernize their consumer engagement strategy. “From business development and event marketing to retail and finance, no two businesses or consumer engagement campaigns are alike,” says Elyse Boule, Needle Movers COO. “We work with clients to identify their specific needs and adapt our technology to work in their world, all while providing them with increased efficiencies and enhanced, immediate results.”

“Needle Movers eliminates the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on proprietary software or work with a solution that doesn’t completely align with your specific objectives,” says Jessica Stackpoole, Needle Movers CEO. “We are building partnerships by adapting our tools to respond to clients’ needs and make measurable, significant impacts to their bottom line. We make technology easy, accessible and highly valuable for our clients and their customers.”

Needle Movers’ integrated marketing suite of SMS, email, website, short URLs, and QR code management tools provide multiple entry points for consumers to access the Needle Movers platforms. “We are able to provide quantifiable value for our clients by giving them customizable yet affordable mobile marketing solutions, with real-time data and immediate insight into campaign effectiveness,” says Boule. “Needle Movers is making recent advances in mobile engagement and measurement available to all businesses, large and small.”


Needle Movers offers affordable mobile marketing, consumer engagement, and event enhancement tools that are easily customized and implemented quickly and seamlessly. Needle Movers works with businesses to customize its technology to drive results within the framework of each client’s specific industry, offering increased efficiencies, cost-savings and engagement capabilities to move the needle and drive results. For more information about Needle Movers, please visit