Needle Movers Customizes SMS Text Platform for a Concert Seat Upgrade

Needle Movers’ SMS Text codes are versatile; so versatile that they can be used for almost any promotion, consumer engagement campaign or loyalty program. The way our clients use the text codes can be customized to accommodate special offers and can be tailored to facilitate a variety of different types of contests and sweepstakes.

Recently Needle Movers’ client, Intersport, needed a mobile-based platform that would allow them to execute a real-time concert seat upgrade promotion as a part of their client’s sponsorship of the concert tour. The platform needed to allow attendees to enter the contest in real time prior to the show start, with all data immediately available to both Intersport and their client. Intersport also needed to be able to randomly select a winner very quickly from the database of entries and provide the result to concert-goers immediately.

Needle Movers customized our SMS text platform to achieve their goals, and we were thrilled to be able to exceed our client’s expectations. Click here to read a full case study detailing how Needle Movers made Intersport’s vision become a reality. ”It was exactly what we needed,” said Rita Battocchio, Vice President of Sponsorship & Events at Intersport. “Straightforward and easy to use.”