Food, Beverage and Hospitality

Mobile Marketing for Food, Beverage and Hospitality

Needle Movers tools are ideal for any company in the food, beverage, or hospitality industries. While our tools and product packages are completely customizable to meet any need, below are a few examples of exactly what Needle Movers can do for you!

Hotel or Restaurant: A Needle Movers Mobile Marketing Survey can be used to gather important information from busy customers without having to rely on or invest in paper surveys or postage paid cards.

  • The Mobile Marketing Survey is completely customizable, allowing you to gather anything from feedback on a new menu item or reactions to a new hotel room feature.
  • Customers can easily access your survey from their mobile phones using a Needle Movers QR or SMS Text Code that can be found anywhere: printed on table tents, in-room collateral or anywhere else you can imagine.
  • Once the customer completes the survey, send them a Needle Movers Customized Response Email that features a discount coupon for their next visit or drives them to sign up for a loyalty program!
  • Quickly and easily, you can view all survey data in real time via a client portal, allowing you to make quick service adjustments when needed.

Large Groups, Happy Hours or Special Events:The Needle Movers Mobile Attendee Check In application checks people in with one click, helping to eliminate long lines at check in or registration.

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