How We Move it

Mobile Marketing and Lead Generation Platforms

Needle Movers is a mobile marketing agency that moves the needle by driving the top line and the bottom line. 

We focus on efficiency, measurement and creating an environment that fosters enhanced and improved results and consumer engagement.

What you will SAVE with Needle Movers:

  • Manual Processes: Data goes directly into a database and can integrate with your CRM/sCRM 
  • Paper (lots and lots of it!): Eliminate paper from event registration, lead generation, surveys, training and more
  • Equipment costs: No need to purchase laptops, tablets or hand-held devices. No repair or replacement costs – EVER
  • Time: With real time reporting, data transparency and automation, your time savings goes straight to the bottom line
  • Money: Forget fulfillment, shipping and associated costs

What you will GAIN with Needle Movers:

  • Real-time Information: Immediate, customized data and reporting for faster follow-up 
  • Data Analysis: 3-4 standard dashboards assimilate data, analyze trends, and graph metrics
  • Customization: Tools are 100% customizable to target your specific audience
  • Multiple Engagement Platforms: QR codes, text and web-entry (standalone or together)
  • Systems Integration: We integrate with most CRMs/sCRMs (Hubspot, SalesForce and others) and marketing analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends and more)
  • Enhanced and Elevated Results: Our technology enhances how you gather information, assimilate data and drive the bottom line, all while improving the customer’s experience
  • Ease of Use: Access anything with a few clicks via our client interface! Built-in safeguards support compliance regulations 
  • Partnership: Needle Movers is committed to promoting your success and adapting our tools to best suit your growing business

Needle Movers will give you results and efficiencies you never thought possible. Click here to request a quote!